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There’s one thing that all the great leaders have in common: They know how to motivate others. They understand what motivates individuals to go above and beyond, and they know how to use these skills to get the job done. If you’re interested in running for leader of your local riding association, consider what motivates people to get involved in the first place. What can you do to help? What do you have to offer? While you may not have experience in the field, it doesn’t take experience to motivate others.

Leadership Election Canada is an organization committed to empowering women to get involved in politics and advance in their careers.

Leadership Election Canada is an organization committed to empowering women to get involved in politics and advance in their careers. As women step into a role of greater authority in political life, it is important that they have a supportive community to turn to. This organization’s goal is to provide mentorship and training for women looking to get involved in politics.

Whether you are looking to get more involved or are ready to advance your career, you can find plenty of opportunities to do so through LEAC.

Leadership Election Canada is a national organization that recognizes and honours outstanding community volunteers. Every year, the organization selects up to 30 outstanding community volunteers to receive the Leaders of the Year award. The LYI is bestowed upon volunteers who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their community and an ability to lead others.

There are many ways you can help.

The biggest thing an organization can do in the lead up to an election is get people involved in the political process. If you’re interested in running for local office, encourage your friends and family to run. Let everyone know that you’re willing to help out anyone who decides to run.

Volunteer with LEAC.

Leadership Election Canada is an organization that helps Canadians step up and get involved in politics. We are committed to making sure that every Canadian has a voice and a chance to be in the leadership positions they deserve. Through our programs and services, we help Canadians gain the skills, knowledge and experience they need to run for local, provincial and federal offices and to make a difference in their communities.

Mentor a fellow LEAC member.

Developing your skills as a leader is not easy, and you have to practice. That means getting involved in the community and mentoring others. A great way to learn more about how to lead others is by becoming an active member of Leadership Election Canada (LEAC). This organization is made up of the best and brightest from across Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial levels of government. LEAC members are given the opportunity to voice their opinions and provide feedback on key issues that affect the organization.

Work for a LEAC-supported organization.

The mission of Leadership Election Canada is to increase voter engagement and participation in elections, and to ensure that the outcomes of elections reflect the will of the people. To achieve this goal, LEC partners with organizations and individuals who share this goal to create programs and projects that will make voting easier and more accessible. LEC also partners with organizations to provide training and technical assistance to help them become more effective at managing their programs and volunteers.

Attend an event.

Leadership Election Canada is an organization that offers opportunities to get involved in local and national politics. It provides the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share your values and interest in promoting your beliefs in your community.


In the end, the results of the leadership election will depend on the values, opinions and priorities of the people who choose to cast a ballot. Individual diversity is one of the reasons why this campaign has been so exciting. We will have a leader who will represent the diversity of Canadians, and their values.

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