Conservative Party of Canada

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The Conservative Party of Canada is a grassroots movement of millions of Canadians who are working together to build a more prosperous, secure, and free future. We believe in small, efficient and effective government that puts people first.

Support free trade.

The Conservative Party of Canada is a right-wing party that wants to limit the size of government and lower taxes. The party was founded in the early 1900s by people who felt that the policies of the Liberal Party were not in the best interest of Canada or its people. The party has been in power federally since 2006 under the leadership of Stephen Harper.

Reduce government spending.

The Conservatives have a plan to reduce the size of the federal government. They would cut wasteful spending and find ways to reduce the amount of money the federal government takes from Canadians. The Conservatives have pledged to balance the budget in five years and to eliminate the deficit by 2023.

Reduce the debt.

The Conservatives would balance the books by freezing the federal spending that has been taking place since the Liberals took office in 2015. This would include a five-year freeze on all new expenses and existing expenses that are not mandated by Parliament. This would not include investments or expenses related to natural disaster relief or national security, which is already prioritized in the government’s budget.

Support family values.

The Conservative Party of Canada is a right-wing political party in Canada, which was established in 2001. The party’s mission is to support a free-enterprise economy, strong defence, traditional Canadian culture, and a smaller, less intrusive government. The party’s platform involves a reduction in government spending, lower taxes, and streamlined regulations. The party’s current leader is Andrew Scheer, a former Speaker of the House of Commons.

Support private industry and entrepreneurs.

The Conservative Party of Canada is a right-leaning party that has been in power since 2006. Under their leadership, the government has worked hard to support the private industry and has reduced red tape for business. The party’s platform includes tax cuts for small businesses and the improvement of the economy.

Support military and veterans.

The Conservative Party of Canada has a long history of support for the military and veterans. While under Stephen Harper, the party campaigned in support of the mission in Afghanistan, and under Andrew Scheer, the party pledges to increase defence spending by five per cent annually, as well as invest more in cyber security and veterans’ services.

Support traditional values.

The Conservative Party of Canada is known for its strong pro-life beliefs and its anti-same-sex marriage stance. The party is also committed to repealing the Liberal government’s assisted dying legislation. The party’s platform states that the party will defend the rights of Canadians to express their faith freely, and they would work to protect the rights of families.


The CPC is the only party committed to reducing the size of government by 20 per cent in order to balance the budget and reduce taxes.

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