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My friends in this race are struggling to find a way to oppose the Trudeau carbon tax without offending his cheerleaders in the left-wing media. They think they have found their answer in calling for "revenue-neutral carbon pricing" as an alternative, but they're wrong.

There is no such thing as "revenue-neutral" carbon pricing. Putting any price on carbon (that is, carbon-dioxide emissions) means jacking up the cost of driving your car and heating your home. Just ask Ontario and Alberta residents.

On January 1st, the Rachel Notley carbon tax began hitting Albertans in their wallets every time they fill up their vehicles or pay their heating bills. Ontario motorists, meanwhile, woke up the same day to near record-high prices at the pump due to "cap-and-trade" coming into effect in that province.

This is Canada. EVERYBODY must heat their homes in winter, and regardless of the season, most parents still have to drive their cars to buy groceries, take their children to and from activities, and get to work every day.

The impact of carbon pricing in any form won't be limited to the cost of heating homes and driving cars either. Carbon pricing will make fuel burned by farmers for their spring and fall farm work more expensive. Natural gas required to heat producers' hog, chicken and dairy barns will be more costly. The price of transporting everything to your local stores will go up as well. All this means food will be more expensive for everyone too.

Michael Chong and Kevin O'Leary support a national carbon tax. I don't agree with them, but I respect that they are clear about what they believe and what they will do if elected. Everyone else in this race is afraid of special interest groups and the left-wing media, so they are resorting to politically correct bafflegab.

Not me. I have been clear right from the start of this campaign that as a geophysicist I do NOT believe in MAN-MADE climate change. When I am Prime Minister, I will end the Trudeau War on oil, gas and coal! That means no carbon-pricing, no carbon tax and no cap and trade. I will withdraw from the "Agenda 21" inspired Paris Climate Change Accord and instead invest your tax dollars in projects that provide Canadians with clear air, water and land right here at home.

If - like me - you believe that conservatives deserve a leader who is prepared to defend conservative principles, not just talk about defending them, I need your help.Please make a tax-deductible contribution to my campaign, and vote for me in the upcoming Conservative Party leadership election. Your support will help me continue to fight for sensible government policy and legislation and for a Conservative Party that stands for genuine conservative principles. And although the deadline has now passed to join the party to vote in this election, you can still join to take part in policy development, nominations, and other important initiatives in the future.

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