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Officials at the Saskatoon Public Library recently banned pro-life Christians from meeting with me on their premises. They justified their arbitrary action by citing a "Safe Use By-law" which prohibits the use of profane, insulting, abusive, foul or obscene language, or behaving in a disorderly manner that disturbs other patrons or library staff or hinders their use and enjoyment of library facilities.

Does anybody seriously believe that library staff were so frightened of pro-life Christians using "profane, insulting, abusive, foul or obscene language" or behaving so disrespectfully that they deserved to be banned? More likely these officials just didn't want pro-life Christians using space they control to voice opinions with which they disagree. Either that or they preferred to appease bullies at the expense of decent, law-abiding members of the community.

Regardless of why, banning Christians from meeting in a public library isn't just a violation of their constitutional rights - it's an attack on the rights of ALL Canadians.

It's an assault on Canadian democracy itself.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. There's an alarming trend in our country among liberals and "progressive" conservatives to silence genuine conservative dissent and stifle debate. Whether the issue is climate change, immigration reform, or matters of conscience like marriage, abortion or euthanasia, your right to be heard and respected is being attacked every day by left-wing zealots and their friends in academia and government.

It's time to fight back.

Help me defend freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in Canada. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to my campaign, and vote for me in the upcoming Conservative Party leadership election. Your support will help me continue to fight for sensible government policy and legislation and for a Conservative Party that stands for genuine conservative principles. And although the deadline has now passed to join the party to vote in this election, you can still join to take part in policy development, nominations, and other important initiatives in the future.

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