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It's Time to Privatize the CBC

Every year, more than $1 billion of your tax dollars go to subsidize the media liberals and lefties at the CBC.

But it doesn't stop there. The CBC ALSO gets taxpayer dollars for creating shows. Justin's last Budget promised the CBC nearly $100 million extra for 'content creation.'

All this is in addition to the almost $400 million the CBC charges advertisers every year, INCLUDING the Government of Canada. Last November the CBC delivered a "position paper" to Justin Trudeau asking for HALF A BILLION DOLLARS of additional funding to make CBC-TV ad-free and replace previously lost ad revenue, existing ad revenue, and production costs for content to fill the dead air resulting from no commercials!


In the era of the World Wide Web and the "Thousand Channel Universe" there is simply no reason for the government to own and operate a television and radio network and force hardworking Canadian families to pay the bills.

It's time to privatize the CBC. Not reform it or shut it down (as some of my colleagues are proposing) — but privatize it. Let Canadian consumers decide for themselves if the CBC is worth watching or listening to, and let advertisers decide directly whether or not its programming deserves their advertising dollars.

This past fall I introduced Bill C-308 in the House of Commons to privatize the CBC. You can read it here. My bill lays out a pragmatic conservative approach to dealing with this colossal government money-pit. As Prime Minister, I will take the steps necessary to implement this plan as quickly as possible.

If - like me - you believe that the time has come for the CBC to grow up and stand on its own two feet, I need your help. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to my campaign, and vote for me in the upcoming Conservative Party leadership election. Your support will help me continue to fight for sensible government policy and legislation and for a Conservative Party that stands for genuine conservative principles. And although the deadline has now passed to join the party to vote in this election, you can still join to take part in policy development, nominations, and other important initiatives in the future.

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My speech to the House of Commons on Bill C-308

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